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Event photo

Thank you for looking into our event photo submission requirements! If you are here you are interested in or applying to participate in one of our fight events. We have outlined the requirements for fighter photos. Please ensure picture submissions meet these standards.


Not last month or last year... you - now


Take a new pic

  • Do not use candid shots, an image from another event, or your existing social media post.

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we only need you


Not a full body shot

  • This picture is used for your fight card, posters, social media posts, etc. 

  • This is not you on the podium 15 feet away. 

  • Image can be as low as your bottom of shorts or knees

  • No padding on top or bottom

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quality camera - smartphones are good


Non-busy background

  • A solid background is preferable

  • Consider the lighting (not too bright or too dark)

  • Don't take pictures looking down on the fighter

  • Face forward

  • Look at the camera

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Register now

Want to be in the next Future Fight Stars Event? We are now accepting applications for all upcoming MMA, Jiu Jitsu, May Thai and Grappling events.


Submit your fighter application here.

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